“My biggest takeaway from economics is that the past wasn’t as good as you remember, the present isn’t as bad as you think and the future will be better than you anticipate.”

Gerry Lamont
Vice President & Owner
Lamont Land

The Lamont Team

Roy MooreGerry LamontRandy Sieben
Phil MooreScott LamontCorinne Coverdale
Karen HucalSheri PidkowaCindy Luong

The first step in creating extraordinary communities is to have talented people dedicated to the job. At Lamont Land we work, play and live by a simple philosophy – we respect the land and people – and we are passionate about what we do.

Our principals are Roy Moore and Gerry Lamont, whose decades of construction and land development experience ensure that every Lamont community and development project is an authentic reflection of forward thinking, architectural integrity and responsible land practices.

Randy Sieben is our general manager and has been developing communities across Alberta and British Columbia for over 25 years. His considerable experience and knowledge combined with a team of dedicated professionals who work diligently behind the scenes to ensure that each new community and land project reaches its highest potential for livability, sustainability and success.

Partner: Tom Capital

We actively seek and work with others who share our vision. Over the past several decades, we have worked with others who celebrate excellence and forward-thinking. Most recently, we have paired with TOM Capital Associates Inc. With a long history in merchant banking and business acumen, TOM Capital’s partnership adds even greater depth to Lamont’s projects.

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