Stay focused on life’s higher purpose, to serve others, never, never, never give up and be unoffendable –  luctor et emergo

Randy Sieben
General Manager, Lamont Land

Giving Back

As a team we believe in being present in our community and the lives of those around us by giving of our time and resources.

We support…

Our Core Values

At Lamont Land our core business philosophy revolves around respecting land and people. We aim high and we work hard at what we do – we believe that we can make a difference by creating communities that enrich the lives of those who live in them.

We respect our relationships with team members, partners and associates – because it’s the right thing to do. At Lamont, our core values represent more than just words – they are our approach to business and life.

» Respect For The Land

At Lamont we are committed to innovative, tailored solutions that result in responsible and successful land development practices and exceptional communities for residents to enjoy.

» Respect For People

At Lamont we take great care to build communities that promote healthy lifestyles, create value and provide enduring legacies. We put the needs of residents and families first – this is our inspiration.

» Respect For Our Team and Partners

At Lamont we act with integrity and accountability. We encourage work/life balance, collaboration and genuinely strive towards shared prosperity for all.

» Committed To Building A Better Future

Based on a corporate culture of mutual respect, at Lamont we strive to improve the economic and social fabric of our community and make a difference in the lives of of our residents, employees, partners and fellow citizens whenever and wherever possible.

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